Western Medicine


In designing DRUGS for diseases, pharmaceutical companies mainly go by these guidelines:


  1.  Does the drug stop the disease?

  2. What is the degree of damage caused by the drug’s side effects?


Western medicine notices that the well-being of the patient is second.  Western medicine suppresses the symptoms of the disease while doing nothing to remove the underlying cause.  The drugs do not treat the patient, but the disease itself.  For example, two people with diabetes may exhibit slightly different symptoms.    Western medicine would just diagnose the disease as diabetes and give insulin to each and every patient with diabetes.


Chinese Medicine


Here are the guidelines Chinese medicine abides by when designing HERBAL remedies:


  1. If a healthy person takes the herbs, there should be no side effects.

  2. Does it benefit the patient?


In Chinese medicine, if an herbal remedy has any detrimental effects to a healthy person, it is immediately discarded.  Chinese medicine also realizes every person is a special individual with unique disease symptoms.  The herbal remedies prescribed for a patient is very personalized according to their own specific symptoms. Chinese medicine looks for the cause and cure for the disease. For example, two people with diabetes may exhibit slightly different symptoms.  Therefore, they would each receive different herbal remedies. 


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